Barry Cottrell: Thresholds Between Worlds

This lucid introduction to the key ideas and practices of shamanism considers themes such as the shamanic journey, the power animal, reality for the shaman, the shamanic concept of illness and soul retrieval in relation to psychotherapy. Above all Thresholds Between Worlds examines the question “What role can shamanism play in our daily lives?” Since shamanism lies at the very roots of human spirituality, this is an important question for anyone concerned with the spiritual death and rebirth of our civilization.

24 pages. 1994.

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Barry Cottrell: The Quest for Power: Shamanism and The New Age

In this sequel to Thresholds Between Worlds, Barry Cottrell continues his exploration of contemporary shamanism, questioning whether shamanic practices, imported from ancient times and from indigenous peoples, are appropriate for our non-shamanic modern world. In particular, he draws attention to the moral dimension in the practice of neo-shamanism, and advocates the 'search for freedom' rather than the 'quest for power'.

26 pages. 1995.

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