Louanne Richards: Li: The Shaping of Forms in Nature

The Daoists saw beyond immediate biological manifestations, allowing their gaze to penetrate into the archetypal spiritual template that lies behind our material world. Li was understood as an ‘authentic’ pattern, both in terms of human character and in terms of the sense-perceptible imprints in nature. What is sensed in Nature as an outer expression becomes what is felt within us human beings. In this essay, Louanne Richards delves into the concept of Li and its relevance to the practice of Tai Chi.

8 pages, with 4 illustrations. 2021.



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 Louanne Richards: Journey into Nagaland

A moving account of the author's journey to visit her father's grave in Nagaland, weaving her own story of loss with the tragic story of the loss of autonomy and cultural identity of the Naga people. Nagaland today is a country under occupation by the Indian army.

10 pages, with 5 illustrations. 1995.





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